Our Goals & Objectives

Ban the sale of Assault Weapons – as per the legislation in N.Y.; CT.; & MD.

Require universal background checks.

Require a background check for every gun purchase or gun conveyance whether it is at a retail store, private seller, gun show or internet sale.

No gun delivery or conveyance until a background check has been performed. (Even if the waiting period has been completed – the background check must be completed).

Require all branches of the armed forces to report all crimes to the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) system.

If a family member, relative or law enforcement officer provides evidence or a sworn statement to a local judge that an individual is mentally unstable or a threat to society, then law enforcement shall have the authority to remove the individual’s weapons. Furthermore, such individual shall be report to the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) database.

Reduce magazine capacity. There is no need to have a magazine with 30, 40 or more bullets.

Did You Know?

• Every day, 7 children and teens die from gun violence.

• Every day, 40 children and teens are shot and survive.

• Considering all ages, every day 318 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides or attempted suicides, unintentional shootings, and police intervention. Of those 318, 96 will die.

• At least 25% of all felony convictions are not submitted to the database of the NICS background check system.

• The National Rifle Association claims that 7 million records are absent from the NICS system.

• According to the Inspector General, 30% of military convictions are not reported to the NICS system.

• Online gun sales allow those who would be prohibited from buying guns to purchase them anyway.

• When a person purchases a gun, there is generally a 3-day waiting period. If a background check takes longer than 3 days, many retailers and gun sellers will still give possession of the gun to the buyer without waiting for the background check to be completed.

• When a teenager purchases an AR-15, no training is required. When a Florida police officer is issued a rifle, they are required to undergo annual training.

• It is estimated that 40% of gun sales every year do not include background checks.

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